Announcement: Dennis R. Baranowski, Esq. Promoted to Firm Partner

Announcement Dennis R. Baranowski, Esq. Promoted to Firm Partner (3)

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Dennis R. Baranowski, Esq., Promoted to Partner at Geraci Law Firm
Transactional Team Positioned for Growth in 2020

December 17, 2019, IRVINE – Geraci LLP is pleased to announce the promotion of Dennis R. Baranowski, Esq., to firm partner. In this new role, Baranowski will focus on contributing to the scope of the firm’s overall revenue and growth goals while continuing his duties as a supervising attorney, overseeing a team dedicated to completing complex loan transactions. 

“In the seven years that I have been at Geraci, I have had the privilege of experiencing the growth of the Firm and the people that call it home,” said Baranowski, partner and supervising attorney at Geraci LLP.  “It is an honor to be part of that growth and I am grateful to be recognized for the role that I have played, as well as trusted for the contribution that I will make as we continue to grow.  I anticipate that 2020 will bring further innovations in the delivery of services to our clients as we continue to expand.”

Baranowski joined Geraci LLP in 2012 as a senior associate with nearly 15 years of ancillary Real Estate Law experience, both as in-house counsel for a lender and as a sole practitioner. In the early days of the firm, Geraci LLP had fewer than 15 people and a flat organizational chart.  As Geraci has grown to nearly 50 employees, the firm’s leadership needs have changed, and thus arose the necessity of an additional layer of experienced leadership within the teams. Due to this, Baranowski was promoted to a supervising attorney for the Transactional team, a role that he continues to fill today.

Throughout his career, Baranowski has gained extensive experience in the navigation of complex transactions including negotiation of terms, transaction review, and drafting of documents for entities in the non-conventional lending space. He is also credited with representation of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in default-related legal matters, including foreclosure, bankruptcy, loss mitigation, and bankruptcy. Additionally, he has drafted and reviewed documents for warehouse lines, loan purchase and sale transactions, and hypothecations aggregating over $1 billion.

Deemed “the client whisperer” after many years in this field, Baranowski has the innate ability to see to the heart of complex transactions. He provides dedicated, constant communication while delivering swift, custom, effective, and efficient solutions that both the client and the firm can agree upon.

“Dennis’ hard work and achievements made it easy to elevate him to partner,” noted Nema Daghbandan, Esq., partner and head of the Banking & Finance department. “He’s a true team player, understands how to manage client relationships, and has always worked hard to put the firm first.”

Geraci LLP is excited to begin this new chapter with Baranowski as partner, and is looking forward to his leadership continuing to positively impact the firm.

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