Assisting lenders in realizing their clients’ acquisition and investment objectives through Non-QM mortgage solutions was the primary motivation behind the genesis of Acra Lending. As the demand for Non-QM loans, particularly in the secondary marketplace, has grown substantially over the past year, the team has uniquely positioned themselves to harness and service this increasingly popular alternative financing solution.


Consolidated Analytics' solutions span the spectrum of real estate finance. They offer a comprehensive range of services such as property valuation & analytics, mortgage business process services, consulting & strategic advisory, and asset due diligence.
Since he started in the space, Mark McKeller, Founder of The Bedrock Mortgage Fund, said that public-facing components – such as a litany of fix and flip-focused shows on HGTV, paired with internal attributes – like the growing number of private money lenders – have contributed to increased visibility. Although this can be positive, he mentioned that some of the media surrounding real estate sound like a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. A key way around this mindset, McKeller noted, is to establish credibility by fully vetting potential investors.
Consistency and reliability are two sought-after attributes for savvy investors looking for a long-term lending partner. Access to capital is key to profitable investment operations. Arguably just as important is efficiency, and Constructive Capital certainly has that requirement covered as well.
Director of Lending Mariska Crain said Precision Capital strives to cut through the noise without cutting corners. “We aim for fast service, but fast service that is not done at the expense of the client,” she emphasized. “One of our main focuses is: how do we put our money where our mouth is, and how do we simplify processes to accomplish this goal?"
When most lenders were forced to pause or completely shut down operations altogether, Eric Abramovich, Co-founder of Roc Capital, and his team closed a record number of loans, started a title company and AMC, and released a cutting-edge white label portal which is now widely available.
"Many loan buyers are "tech-enabled,” but AlphaFlow is a technology company that offers loan buying as one of our revenue verticals. From being able to do a single asset, to a large portfolio tape, the instant response of buying criteria and uploading documents within the portal not only creates dynamic ease for our partners but a sense of security with sensitive data information," says Dana Georgiou, SVP, Lender Partnerships at AlphaFlow.
“Between the two of us and our team’s individual strengths, we have created Futures to be a completely robust and diverse lending platform, creating the best user experience externally and within our team. The market is changing, and Futures knows how to work within these changes efficiently and effectively with client satisfaction as their top priority, truly embodying exemplary service.”


Our story at Originate Report began in 2017 with a singular idea: providing value to our readership. Through many iterations since its inception, Originate Report has risen to the challenge. We’ve grown our readership while honing in on what industry leaders need to know.

Today, our bi-monthly publication is found both in print at industry conferences and via digital distribution channels that provide thousands of loan originators, lenders, investors, and service providers in the non-conventional lending industry with the insight they require to weather industry trends and grow their businesses.

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