Business Governance

Business & Commercial Law Attorneys Serving Clients

At Geraci Law Firm, our legal assistance for your business is not limited to foundations, transactions, and employment law assistance. Our Irvine business and commercial law lawyers help see to it that your company employs the best practices of the industry while operating within the newest regulations. This area of practice requires vigilant attention to the ever changing world of business and corporate governance, something we are proud to offer. Our firm works tirelessly to stay up to date on the latest evolutions of business and commercial law. This allows our firm to provide superb business counseling services to our clients.

We assist with a variety of ongoing areas of legal interest, including:

  • Corporate minutes
  • Amendments
  • LLC agreements
  • Stock purchases and transfers
  • Evaluating corporate objectives
  • Accountability procedures
  • Code of ethics creation and enforcement
  • Insider trading policies
  • Disclosure controls

Our attorneys are familiar with the requirements of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act so you can be confident that the strategies and counsel we advise fall within strict administrative guidelines. If you are a small private company, it is still important to seek the counsel of a business governance attorney to assist you in compliance and implementation. Although your startup may not have many stakeholders or executive officers now, if you plan to grow your company, it is advisable to adopt a number of these rules as your business progresses toward going public. It is never too early to prepare for success.

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Dissolving and Creating New Entities

Sometimes your company may grow and expand in ways you had not anticipated. Or perhaps you are in the business of creating new enterprises and wish to create subsidiaries. No matter what your situation, our business and commercial law attorneys can help you assess and determine the strongest legal options for your pursuits. Our team can help you to gauge your governance structure and formation documents in light of your operating practices and goals in order to serve your interests to help you succeed.

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