Borrower Lawsuits

At Geraci Law Firm, we understand you expect and need more than legal advice from your lawyers.

Irvine Borrower Lawsuits

Has your borrower defaulted on their loan? Have they promised to make payments but been unable to bring the loan current? If your borrower defaults on their loan and you need advice regarding how to proceed, please contact one of our experienced litigators. We can immediately send a demand letter to your borrower, and if they refuse to respond, we can initiate litigation including a judicial foreclosure, request for a receiver, or any other type of action that best suits your needs. We also have attorneys that can work with you to draft loan modifications and / or forbearance agreements if you come to a resolution with your borrower.

If your borrower serves you with a lawsuit, our experienced litigators can swiftly and expeditiously step in and handle the matter on your behalf. We have successfully hindered borrowers from obtaining temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions at the outset of cases, and have been able to defend against all types of borrower allegations including fraud, wrongful foreclosure, slander of title, just to name a few. Our team works hard to zealously defend you or initiate a lawsuit on your behalf. We are responsive, client-focused, and we work with the values set forth when we began our firm. You deserve strong client services and we aim to provide this with every single case.

Our team believes in making sure our clients are up to date regarding their case. We reach out to you regularly to provide you with the information you need and discuss the strongest course of action designed to achieve your goals. Our lawyers want you to have confidence and peace of mind moving through a difficult situation and we make sure we remain available through all forms of communication.