Purchase, Sale, & Financing

Protect Your Interests With Our Real Estate Law Attorneys

When it comes to the purchase, sale, and financing of commercial property, strict adherence to zoning and other regulatory requirements are important, but nothing has as direct an impact upon the future of your enterprise as the financial and acquisition agreements involved. Operating out of Irvine, California, our firm advises clients on a number of commercial real estate transactions, including property construction as well as the acquisition and negotiation of financing.

Crafting a strategic purchase agreement that protects your interests is contingent upon working with an experienced Irvine real estate law lawyer familiar with a multitude of purchase, sale, and transfer scenarios. We have experience handling buy-sell agreements for conversion properties, construction properties, and unique development of commercial properties with special environmental conditions or mixed use.

Our firm can also handle your conveyancing documents, including challenging or resolving liens or encumbrances on the property in order to clear the title. Reach out to us to discuss how we can assist you in the QUALIFY stages of acquiring or marketing your residential, office, industrial, or retail property.

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Financing and Security Interests

Securing favorable financing for your commercial real estate transaction is crucial to setting yourself up for success. Our highly trained legal professionals will review your loan documents, examine environmental reports, and conduct highly detailed due diligence and document investigation to discover any issues that need to be considered during the drawing up of your financial agreements.

Our lawyers can help you handle:

  • Preparing, establishing, preserving, and enforcing real estate lien notes, including construction liens, materialman’s liens, supplier’s liens, laborers’ liens, design and professional’s liens, and mechanic’s liens
  • Promissory notes
  • Deeds of trust
  • Builder, developer, and contractor construction loans

Because of our large network of real estate connections, we can also help you connect with financiers to help you develop your properties and set yourself up for a high-yielding rate of return. Our firm’s goal is to minimize your purchasing power risk by assisting you with determining the best way to fund your project, be it a sinking fund, sale-leaseback agreement, real estate investment trust (REIT), interest-only loan, partially amortized mortgage loan, or other form of leverage. By working with our firm, you can optimize the reversion value of your initial investment by managing the risks involved in your transaction.

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