EB-5 Private Placement Memorandums

Why Us

Geraci Law Firm’s expertise in lending, real estate transactions, and securities offerings makes it the perfect law firm for developers, lenders, and other businesses raising capital from EB-5 Investors. The attorneys at Geraci are dedicated to ensuring your EB-5 investment opportunity is compliant with federal and state securities and corporate regulations. In addition, Geraci is dedicated to the growth and success of its EB-5 offerings. As your partner, we know you need substantial oversight and guidance throughout the EB-5 process. For these reasons, Geraci has strategic relationships with key industry leaders to create the most effective team for your EB-5 investment, including economists, immigration attorneys and regional center owners.

What We Do

We will draft and prepare a custom private placement memorandum for your EB-5 investment. Unlike other EB-5 securities attorneys, we will also prepare the necessary corporate documents alongside the EB-5 PPM, including operating agreements, by-laws, limited partnership agreements, subscription agreements, mezzanine agreements, and even loan documents.

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