Qualified Opportunity Zones: COVID-19 Issues, New Regulations, and Extensions

Hosts: Tae Kim, Esq., of Geraci Law Firm and Beeta Lecha of Spiegel Accountancy Corp.

Posted May 14, 2020

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In this Webinar:

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused the United States economy to tank. The unemployment rate is at an extremely high level, and uncertainties abound. As the United States navigates through reopening businesses while balancing out public health & safety, Qualified Opportunity Funds should be one of the most instrumental investment vehicles in deploying money to the severely and economically distressed areas.

To account for timing issues with respect to QOZ regulations, the IRS has adjusted and/or extended timelines pertaining to QOFs, including substantial improvement test, among others. But is it enough?

Come and join us as we navigate through:
(1) The December 2019 Regulations
(2) Opportunity Zone Funds extensions
(3) Investment strategies

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