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Who We Are

Geraci is the nation’s largest law firm dedicated solely to the private lending industry

Geraci Law Firm is comprised of experienced legal professionals who offer you a wealth of experience across a broad range of services. We are dedicated to constant communication, commitment, and caring and we believe this is what sets us apart. We work as a team across all disciplines to help our clients achieve their goals.

Our Brand Purpose

We deliver peace of mind, every time, every day. We service our clients, whether through law or consulting, and give them advice that helps them grow their business or saves them money through litigation. It doesn’t mean we only provide peace of mind for our clients. We also provide peace of mind to our teammates, our vendors, and even ourselves.

Core Values

We’re proud to be one of the few companies that believe our success starts from within. We’re an innovative firm where individual talents are harnessed and we value people who take advantage of the numerous learning and leadership opportunities we provide at Geraci Law Firm. We believe strongly in the following values:

Dedicated Constant Communication

Truly excellent service requires communication – not just every once in a while, but all of the time. To ensure peace of mind, we believe communication must be instant, reassuring, and consistent. Our team creates strong internal and external relationships, regardless of who you are working with, or what service is being provided. Whether a client or employee, communication should be a highlight of your experience with Geraci.


“Good enough” is our enemy and “great” is our calling. Being truly passionate encapsulates the self-motivation that allows you to bring your “A” game day after day and chides your conscience when you don’t. We consistently go above and beyond to produce a fantastic product because we take pride in our work and genuinely care about our clients’ goals.


The foundation of trust is accountability. We do what we say we’re going to do so you can rely on us. We own our mistakes and hold one another accountable. Accountability requires you to take your destiny in your own hands. We don’t encourage mistakes, but we accept them with the mindset of proactive thinking and being honest about being at fault. We are not looking to place blame; we are interested in the solution. In a society where everything is someone else’s fault, having the courage to accept responsibility is what sets us apart.

Strive for Excellence

Our team has a sincere desire to grow personally and professionally and we understand that growth requires hard work, persistence, and being uncomfortable. We focus on building our people to be the best that they can truly be — consistently seeking to improve our skills individually and as a team. There is always room for improvement, and we search for this within ourselves and others at all times.
Our clients will never know the hours spent finding the right legal authority, the family events missed to close a loan, the sleep lost to help raise an initial round of funding, or the weekends spent refining a pitch deck. All they see is a superior finished work product.


Unfirm means we are unique in the way we operate our business in that we embrace the quirkiness of our team. It means allowing everyone to be their authentic selves — accepting and valuing each other’s differences. Our culture and our success require that we leave the beaten path and take the risks and opportunities that come from being different, without the protocol of a traditional hierarchy ladder. We embrace the diversity of our people and the fun that comes with it.


The team at Geraci is dedicated to giving back to the community. Since its inception, we have incorporated a spirit of giving throughout our firm and ensure that our employees have the opportunity to participate in many philanthropic activities. To date, we have supported:

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