Corporate & Securities

Geraci’s Corporate and Securities attorneys provide a broad range of legal services to hedge funds and alternative investment funds. Our legal team of  has collectively represented thousands of funds nationwide.

Securities Offerings

We provide a broad range of legal services to hedge funds and alternative investment funds, such as mortgage pools and collateralized mortgage obligations. Our legal team has collectively represented thousands of funds nationwide.

Private Placements

Though less costly than a public placement, private placement funds do not come without regulation or strict legal requirements. If you are considering raising capital for your new enterprise, private placements are the most common and productive means of increasing your resources.

By working with a seasoned Corporate and Securities attorney at Geraci, you can protect yourself from unintended violations of the rules and regulations outlined in the Securities Act. Geraci has significant expertise in investment fund formation for real estate finance companies, private lenders, real estate developers, family offices, crowdfunding firms, and institutional investors.

Mortgage Pools

We service all types of finance professionals nationwide. This includes commercial mortgage bankers and brokers, private lenders, brokers, conventional mortgage bankers, and non-QM lenders. We’ve formed thousands of mortgage funds and pools across the nation, and many of our clients operate funds that are some of the most successful in the nation.

Whether you need advice on expanding your lending business’ capital structures, or need advice on choosing the best approach to creating and managing your investments, Geraci is here to assist you.

Specialized Offerings

Qualified Opportunity Funds

Geraci is skilled in representing clients who would like to create specialized investment vehicles to invest in real estate areas that are designated as economically distressed. Through these funds, we have helped our clients receive unique tax benefits such as deferred gains on investments. Our attorneys can help create these funds and assist in maintaining compliance with relevant tax laws that govern these types of funds.

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

Our firm has represented many clients in the formation of Real Estate Investment Funds (REITs). REITs are subject to certain tax benefits if they qualify under the Internal Revenue Service’s rules. Geraci Law Firm’s real estate lawyers are experienced in creating qualifying investment vehicles and maintaining compliance with IRS requirements.

EB-5 Visa Program Investments

Geraci works very closely with regional centers, developers, and businesses to raise capital from EB-5 investors. We have extensive transactional experience and have been actively engaged in the EB-5 industry over the past five years representing regional centers, projects, and sponsors to maximize their success.

Our team offers EB-5 transactional services including Private Placement Offering Documents, Regional Center Formation, Regional Center Affiliation Agreement, Migration Broker Agreements, Finder Agreements, Escrow Arrangements, Financing Agreements and Documentation, Company Formation and Deal Structuring, Partnership and Operating Agreements (NCE and JCE).

Securities Compliance

Geraci Law Firm represents a wide range of clients in compliance matters including mortgage funds, operating businesses, and private lenders. Our attorneys are experienced in working with the SEC and state securities regulators to ensure continued compliance as well as providing regulatory defense.
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