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For lenders who need best-in-class loan documents so they can sleep at night, Geraci has built its reputation on providing industry-leading documents. Whether you are primarily a fix-and-flip originator, a complex commercial lending organization, or anything in between, our team of experts has a document solution in place for you.

Loan Document Preparation

Geraci is the nation’s largest law firm dedicated solely to the private lending industry.

Our team of expert attorneys starts by providing best-in-class compliance and structuring advice so that you can determine the right document structure in the first place. Then, we prepare custom document packages expertly designed to protect your interests.

After the preparation of documents, our team will shepherd your transaction through the loan closing process including the review of executed documents, settlement items, insurance, proformas, and any other requirements relevant to your loan closing.

You are empowered to pick and choose which services make sense for your loan. We provide custom flat fee pricing solutions specifically tailored to your needs on a deal-by-deal basis.

For our loan documentation services in all 50 states, common loan products include:

Additionally, we advise and prepare the following ancillary loan documents when advised for your loan transaction:

Closing Services

In addition to the preparation of loan documents, our Closing Services team can assist in the loan closing process for a seamless experience as you fund your loans. A general breakdown of our drafting and closing service includes:
  1. Review of entity documents to confirm signature blocks for all entity borrowers and guarantors
  2. Review of preliminary title report and coordination with title to confirm title insurance is in the proper amount with relevant endorsements obtained and exception items cleared
  3. Drafting of loan documents, inclusive of an assignment and allonge if necessary if you are table funding the loan
  4. Coordinating the closing to assist with the following:
Our experienced team of closing attorneys and processors has experience with closing loans nationwide. We are able to swiftly navigate your closing issues and approach each closing with a problem-solving mindset.

Beyond Loan Documents

Our attorneys are here to help you with the preparation of all documents you will need to succeed in the marketplace.

Secondary Market Documentation

Once you make the loan, you may be considering selling, participating, hypothecating or otherwise conducting a secondary market transaction with your loan. Know that our team is in your corner and will be able to provide you peace of mind through any secondary market transaction. We commonly prepare and negotiate for both sides the following documents for a secondary market transaction:

Agreements for Portfolio Lenders

Often, after you make a loan, you will need to execute small or large changes to the underlying loan documents. Our team has tremendous depth and experience in the preparation and negotiation of the following:

Non-Loan Related Documents

We understand that you are also an operating business. For mortgage professionals, we prepare and negotiate many side agreements not directly related to a loan file such as:
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