Corporate & Securities

Geraci LLP’s Corporate and Securities attorneys have collectively represented thousands of funds and private lenders nationwide in the areas of corporate business law, securities offerings, and compliance.

Corporate Business Law

Geraci’s Corporate attorneys have many years of experience guiding their clients through critical structural, organizational, and governance challenges for their various business entities. We assist with entity formation, board resolutions, mergers and acquisitions, licensing services, and more.

Clients include private lenders, real estate developers, real estate professionals, brokers, private equity and debt funds, and wealth management firms.


Geraci’s Securities team advises their clients on private placements, mortgage pools, qualified opportunity funds, REITs, securities compliance, and more. We represent a wide range of clients including mortgage funds, operating businesses, and private lenders.
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Please note that our firm focuses primarily on private lenders. Unfortunately, we are unable to assist with consumer matters.