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Our creative attorneys can help you negotiate agreements, design lines of credit, navigate transactions, and more.

Capital Markets Agreements & Negotiation

Are you a loan originator or mortgage fund who needs access to capital to fund your origination activities? Do you know the right strategy to seek financing from a warehouse line of credit or master repurchase agreement? Do you need expert attorneys to guide you through the negotiation process to secure the best terms available and understand which terms are negotiable? We provide best in class advice to walk you through the life cycle of negotiating a credit facility that meets your needs and protects your interests.

Negotiating Credit Facilities

Warehouse Lines of Credit

Warehouse lines are revolving credit facilities extended by financial institutions (often banks) to a mortgage loan originator to fund mortgage loans. Selecting a warehouse lender is generally based on the warehouse lender’s rates, fees, and types of loan products allowed to be on the line of credit. Our expert team has helped dozens of clients select the right warehouse lender and negotiate sensible terms that best meet you business needs

Master Repurchase Agreements

In addition to lines of credit, also commonly referred to warehouse loan facilities, sophisticated private lenders often enter into repurchase agreements with their capital partners. These facilities provide short term capital to the loan originator permitting the originator to not solely rely on their balance sheet. The originator generally sells these loans to the facility provider, or other loan purchasers and is capable of recycling capital an efficient way. If the originator is unable to sell the loan these repurchase agreements typically require the originator to purchase the loan and remove from the credit facility balance sheet.

No matter what type of credit facility you are entering into, our experienced team has negotiated against most major financial institutions ranging from traditional banks to wall street investment banks and hedge funds such as Nomura, Blackstone, and Neuberger Berman.

Secondary Market Sale Transactions

Are you a loan originator looking to sell your mortgage loans at the best price and on the most favorable terms? Our seasoned attorneys have negotiated hundreds of loan purchase and sale agreements and understand how to navigate sale transactions quickly and expertly with all of the market investors.

Loan Aggregators and Other Capital Providers​

Are you a large or growing company that provides or wants to provide capital for loan originators? Do you want creative, savvy attorneys to help you through the maze of corporate structuring, operations, licensing, and capital funding alternatives? Is the right strategy to offer funding through your existing company or a new entity? Where should you house your employees? What types and how many funding options should you offer? How do you best leverage third parties, such as correspondent lenders, brokers, table funders, title companies and lawyers?

Warehouse Lines of Credit

We can design and assemble a warehouse line of credit tailored to meet the needs of your warehouse borrowers.

Alternative Lines of Credit

Do you have repeat borrowers, such as builders and contractors, who prefer to purchase properties under a pre-arranged line of credit rather than engage in dozens of individual loan transactions? No problem. We’ve helped countless number of clients offer these lines of credit, which arm you with another tool to provide convenient capital access to your most treasured repeat customers.

Correspondent Purchase and Sale Agreements

We can arm you with state of the art Correspondent Purchase and Sale Agreements that contain both sensible terms that appeal to your customers and protections that you require as a purchaser.

We can also give you peace of mind by helping you to design and implement a new correspondent channel or refine and improve your existing channel.

Broker Agreements

We offer a broad array of broker agreements to meet the needs of different mortgage brokers in your wholesale channel.

Table Funding Agreements

Do you have brokers or correspondent lenders who lack the capital to fund and close loans on their own? Do you want to offer these valuable origination partners the ability to enhance their brand by making loans in their own name? We can help with our menu of table funding agreements, which can be customized to meet the needs of each customer and protect your funds between loan closing and sale.

White Labeling

Are your brokers seeking to enhance their brands? Are they worried about losing their Borrowers to you, as the funding lender? Our team of experts can help you form and design a new company bearing a generic name with which your trusted partners can close loans. This alternative is particularly valuable where table funding is unavailable. Contact us today to discuss which option is best for you and your company.
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