Litigation & Bankruptcy

Geraci LLP’s Litigation & Bankruptcy team is fully equipped to defend you in lawsuits and regulatory investigations as well as counsel you should your borrower file bankruptcy.

Litigation & Bankruptcy

We understand non-conventional lending and real estate. It’s really all we do. As a result, we understand your business and the challenges you face. Our bankruptcy and litigation attorneys help investors, lenders, loan servicers, foreclosure trustees, brokers, real estate agents, creditors, businesses, officers, and directors with a vast array of legal and compliance issues in state, federal, bankruptcy, and administrative actions. We can help you enforce your rights and defend against any adverse claims aggressively and efficiently.

From the moment you call our firm, you can trust that we put your best interests at the top of our priority list and work to achieve your goals in an effective, timely manner. Our attorneys are committed to providing you peace of mind through what can be a stressful experience.

Litigation Practice

Our team will work hard to zealously defend you in lawsuits and regulatory investigations. For example, if your borrower serves you with a lawsuit, our experienced litigators will expeditiously step in and handle the matter on your behalf. We can handle any lawsuit filed against you or your company, including wrongful foreclosure defense, TILA/RESPA violations, title insurance claims, and more.

Geraci’s Litigation team has successfully protected countless lenders’ interests by taking action to mitigate potential litigation.

Bankruptcy Practice

Has your borrower filed bankruptcy? Our lawyers have extensive experience handling complex bankruptcy litigation and adversary proceedings in Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, and Chapter 13 cases, and can assist you with collection and recovery of debts after a bankruptcy filing, including proofs of claim, motions for relief from the automatic stay, objections to lien stripping, and more.


Replevin (sometimes referred to as Claim and Delivery) is an effective legal remedy used throughout the United States. In its simplest terms, replevin is a procedure whereby seized goods are restored to their owner (creditor) at the beginning of a lawsuit.

With over 7,000 successful cases, Geraci’s replevin attorneys are experts in resolution.

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