“Nobody is going to give it to you. Nobody is going to clear the way for you. But as a team, we can accomplish really great things because we trust each other and we allow each other room to grow,” Hungerford said.


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Purpose is tied to your values, motivations, passions, and self-examination. It’s in there – you just have to do the work to find it. 
A female CEO must have a clear mission, values, and goals to inspire her staff to align their work toward achieving them. “Both communicating that vision and leading by example helps to get employees on board,”
People who strive for excellence, empower others, lead with empathy, enjoy work and the impact they make, maintain engaging relationships, and are intent on acting in the best interest of others. - Stacey McKinnon
Combining the unique skills of men and women working together in private lending will only increase the industry's success.
Most professionals don't grow just from doing the job itself. It comes from being figuratively ‘knocked down.
This is my open invitation for any women considering a career in private money lending to reach out to me and use me as a resource of information, contacts, and “stories” that may assist you with either your first step, or the next!
Authentic leadership has been my favorite leadership journey. Leading by example to show our team that people don’t want your “perfect,” they want your “real.” I love that.


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