Originate Report sat down with two Senior Vice Presidents of the Note Finance group within Western Alliance Bank, Lisa Alberti and Mark Roberts. The two banking veterans stressed how the group continues to prioritize resilience, innovation, and a longstanding client-focused ethos throughout this period and beyond.
Western Alliance Bank – Pioneering a Bright Future for Banking


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When a fraudster hijacks your business’s identity–your website, your name, your reputation–it won’t be because an employee unwittingly clicked a malicious link or didn’t properly verify loan documentation. There is no training or awareness campaign that can prevent it because it’s not predicated on any exposure or attack point. It’s entirely external.
Much like a loan moving through our process, we must always make sure that quality of our loans is airworthy. Currently, we are seeing 57% of our files close in 13 days or less. On top of that, for some of our more experienced, high-volume clients, we have been able to get their loans into closing in five days or less!
The experience of coaching taught me invaluable lessons on being proactive and protective. These lessons, which apply today and have produced incredible results over my 40 years in lending, collectively amount to the dos and don’ts of organizational leadership.
My boss has told me a few times at conferences, “no one has figured out how to make money in litigation.”  I’m assuming he meant no one other than me. Point taken. So, how can you avoid litigation, or ‘lawsuit proof’ your loan files? Let’s have a look.
"In the fast-paced world of non-conventional lending, Val-Chris Investments stands out as a beacon of excellence and innovation. With over 45 years of experience in the real estate lending industry, Val-Chris has consistently adapted to market shifts, employed innovative approaches, and prioritized a client-centric ethos to create lasting value for borrowers."
Being one of the largest players with a great product offering might seem like a built-in advantage to Constructive’s success during uncertain times, but a closer look at the company and the market suggests an equally important reason lies in the leadership mindset found at all levels throughout the firm.
"Luckily, looking back on my career so far, I have no major regrets. I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by great people and mentors throughout my career who have made a significant difference in my career development and trajectory. While I definitely have made some mistakes and learned important lessons from them, they collectively made me the person and professional that I am today, and I wouldn’t wish to change that."


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