With a national footprint and a comprehensive suite of products, HouseMax offers unique solutions in a fast-paced lending environment. In addition to ground-up construction loans, HouseMax offers fix and flip lending, rental loans, and opportunities for multifamily developments. HouseMax’s owners have flipped over 3,000 homes.


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Real estate opportunities will always abound. It is the shrewd real estate investor who knows how to navigate through turbulent times. These investors are continually looking for capital. Investors and developers of much-needed SFR and multifamily housing continue to require capital, and it is the alternative lending industry that has come to the forefront to reliably serve that demand.
We’ve built up strictly through word of mouth and have never had to actively invest in capital-raising activities. We started slowly and wanted to remain intentionally small — a small mom-and-pop business. My husband and I were just seeking financial and time freedom. We had small children, and we wanted to be present for them and for our aging parents.
Nobody is better suited to build the perfect software for the private lending sector than a team of private lenders. Designed to address their own pain points, the software allows users to streamline origination, automate their servicing, set benchmarks for their borrowers’ experience, and more – all in one platform.
Deephaven has always been a frontrunner in the industry. Long before millions of Americans bid farewell to the 9-to-5 life during the Great Resignation of 2021, the firm had already begun paving the way for the nonconformists – the self-employed individuals who steered clear of traditional W-2-required, 40-hour workweek-jobs.
Despite just five years under its belt, Foundation packs a considerable punch in the private lender space specializing not only in traditional business purpose loans secured by 1-to-4 unit residential and multifamily properties, but also in pre-MLS and pre-foreclosure properties.
Lind takes pride in Acra’s remarkable strides in efficiency over his tenure as CEO. He envisions even greater achievements ahead fueled by the company’s commitment to integrating cutting-edge technologies into its workflow. One of their priorities involves harnessing the newest loan origination system (LOS) technology.
“If you think about a single-engine airplane versus a plane with multiple engines, that’s very similar to what happened to a lot of companies last year,” he said. “Lenders that had only one engine – one funding source – were not able to prudently manage their balance sheets last year. When that one engine went out, they could no longer sustain their business.


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