Trixy Castro, Founder and CEO of Aureus Finance Group, is no stranger to starting a company from scratch and scaling it to great heights. Enter Aureus, Castro’s long-dreamt culmination of seasoned veterans and skilled talent, whose driving mission is to become the gold standard of private lending.


"At any given time, I am working with numerous outside technical vendors including web developers, internal and external document coders, and workflow consultants to try to create a better loan document solution. We built a best in class nationwide online loan document solution that produces thousands of loan documents per month, and we’re not stopping anytime soon."
Old North Capital specializes in asset-based loans on non-owner-occupied residential properties for investors who need quick and reli­able funding.
“With years of industry-specific experience and the lessons learned in the acquisition process, [Rice Park Capital] is able to provide actionable and effective insights to the companies we acquire.”
During The Great Recession, the US saw a huge wave of mortgage defaults. Fast forward 15 years, and real estate prices have increased substantially to overcome the devastation of the previous drop. Banks are now only allowed to make loans to borrowers who can demonstrate an ability to repay, and all of this makes for a strong real estate market.
Ani Kamikyan expertly leveraged the interpersonal skills she garnered in the retail industry to propel her into an immensely successful career in the lending sector.
"I believe my biggest contributions are still to come. On our quest to be the largest and best boutique private lending firm in the country, one day I hope to see all those who have contributed to our accomplishments successfully retire from the industry and make room for a new class to carry the torch."
"I think going through adversity or tough times gives you a better perspective for the future for addressing issues that arise and presenting solutions to them since you have already lived through something similar! I have always tried to take a long-term approach to building or retooling companies, so the lessons learned from the past help guide me in some of my decision-making processes today."


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