The Women in Private Lending networking group was created by industry veterans to address the need for mentorship and education at all levels for women in private lending. At its core, it will be a forum for sharing ideas, solving issues, and promoting innovation. Learn more about this up-and-coming group and the founders who created it in this month’s cover story.


Gim says she feels ‘very fortunate’ to have had her mother as a role model.  And for young women who are thinking about a career in real estate and do not have a built-in role model, she said finding a mentor is imperative to success.
As a woman who grew up in a private lending and real estate world, Tiffany Harper, Principal at Hanson Capital, describes how her experience with these worlds at such a young age served as a foundation for her career.
Thanks to the guidance and support from her male colleagues, Tricia Mitchell, Chief Operating Officer at Archwest Capital, was able to start her career when she was just an intern at a start up company, and now she wants to give back and help other women trying to make their way into the private lending space.
Briana Hildt, Founder and CEO of Cardinal Capital Group, discusses her company role, explains why she chose the private lending industry, and shares advice for other young women just starting out in the private lending space.
Alayna provides excellent customer service and has fantastic engagement skills with Arixa’s department heads and teammates. She is an incredibly organized self-starter, moves projects along seamlessly, and always provides her marketing deliverables on time.
“Returning to this field I love so much after taking time off to be with my children has really opened doors for me. I also realize how instrumental my mentors were and am always looking to guide young women through this multi-faceted landscape.”
Industry legend Trixy Castro discusses what it was like being a minority woman starting in a male-dominated industry and how she rose above what was expected of her by creating Genesis Capital, LLC and eventually Aureus.


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