Explore the remarkable story of Rayman 'Ray' Mathoda, the new CEO of Anchor Loans, as she charts a new path in lending. From her early life in India to her career achievements in business, Ray's unique perspective and leadership have propelled Anchor Loans to new heights. Learn how she plans to build on the firm's success, expand product offerings, and drive continuous improvement in partnerships with real estate entrepreneurs.


"I wouldn’t say that I chose Private Lending specifically; however, I have always been in the mortgage industry. I started my career with a small entrepreneurial company buying distressed whole loans during the Great Financial Crisis, and I had the opportunity to work in nearly every department over my 5-year tenure. In addition to the fundamentals of the mortgage industry, I learned how to build processes, develop technology, lead a team, and grow a company."
"I have a 'built in' need to help others reach their goals. If my job does not fulfill that need, I have taken on volunteer jobs that require major commitments, including chairing the annual fundraiser for the Heart Association, chairing the fundraising to build a Ronald McDonald house and a Women’s shelter in Abilene."
Before Verrette became President and Chief Operations Officer of Champions, she started in the industry at the age of 17 as a junior receptionist in a real estate firm. Her dad was a loan officer and a real estate broker, so Verrette grew up in the industry and observed, through both hard work and networking, how rewarding a career in real estate and mortgage lending could be.
"My first piece of advice is making sure you have the right team in place. Make sure everyone you hire respects the position and aligns with your core values and vision. Surround yourself with good people. This is really important. Find people who bring positive energy — people you want to be around. You will be highly affected if you have 'energy drainers' around you. You strive and thrive in highly vibrational atmospheres."
“What is most important to me is making sure I want to be at the table I’m sitting at. What I mean by this is simple: making sure I’m inspired by those I’m sitting with, supporting and mentoring peers to develop their full potential, and fearlessly expressing viewpoints that not only serve my clients but also challenge the status quo, even if those ideas are unpopular or go against traditional norms."
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"Never let anyone define who you are or determine what you can achieve. You will face difficult situations and people along the way, but no one, and I mean no one, can make you a victim. Additionally, you don’t have to take every storm head on. Sometimes, it is wiser to steer around it – just don’t lose sight of the destination."


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