With nearly three decades of collective industry experience, the CCG team prides itself in delivering individually tailored loan products geared to meet the needs of a nationwide client-base. CCG offers a broad range of loan products and rates, starting with rates as low as 7.99%.
December 2022 Originate Report - Briana Hildt, Cardinal Capital Group


I began my career owning Subway restaurant franchises. As a small business owner, there was no backstop if you did not generate enough sales to meet your expenses. The reality of being a small business owner out of college gave me the experience of knowing that it was all my responsibility, meaning if I could not find a way to make sure that each location was profitable, it not only put my business at risk but the stability of my employees at risk.  At the end of the day, it was always about making sure that the customer was satisfied.
To me, success means being able to achieve your personal and professional goals as well as contribute to the success of others. The days I feel most successful are when I am energized to start the day and have enjoyed my interactions with my customers and colleagues, delivered superior service, and hopefully shared a laugh or two along the way.
Churchill additionally realized that new blockchain-enabled applications could leverage to effectively address critical sticking points that wholesale lenders experience daily and greatly enhance the efficiency of lender-to-lender due diligence, disposition, and settlement of loans.
Sometimes it takes being fully immersed in a system to accurately identify areas for improvement and acquire the skills needed to implement changes. That was certainly the case for Harari, who was able to identify major shortcomings in the lending space as an active participant in the system—a realization that compelled him to start his own company to fill these institutional gaps.
“That success is not guaranteed, though. As a small fund manager, what we are seeing now is that market values are changing. Property A is now worth 15 percent less than it was yesterday,” he noted. “We must practice resilience because that price change is compressing my portfolio.
In our segment of lending to borrowers who focus on non-institutional projects, I think our industry is still in its infancy. I compare it to fast food in the 1950s: there are plenty of places to buy a hamburger, but nobody has really developed a formula to replicate a very good, consistent experience across many major metro areas.
Our ability to deploy capital through our lending operation truly sets CIVIC apart from the competition. We provide our client base with an unparalleled peace of mind in knowing that our independence from external funding sources translates into unmatched reliability no matter what happens on the larger economic scene.


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