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Jennifer Young, Esq.


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Mortgage Licensing
Fund Formation for Mortgage and Real Estate
Syndications for Mortgage and Real Estate
Corporate Law
Private Placements

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J.D., Golden Gate School of Law
B.S., University of California, Davis

Jennifer Young, Esq.


Jennifer Young is a Partner and Attorney on the Corporate & Securities team at Geraci. Within this specialized division, Jennifer focuses on real estate-centric private placements and alternative investments tailored for private lenders, real estate developers, and entrepreneurs in the real estate sector. Her proficiency extends to establishing mortgage funds, real estate acquisition funds and syndications, REITs, and Qualified Opportunity Funds. Jennifer is adept at preparing intricate private and public securities offerings for alternative investment platforms, both within the United States and internationally. Throughout these endeavors, she ensures strict adherence to relevant securities laws.

Jennifer's wealth of experience extends to overseeing the team's licensing subdivision, where she plays a pivotal role in advising on licensing matters. The licensing team, under her guidance, facilitates licensing applications and manages licenses for commercial lenders, mortgage bankers, mortgage brokers, and real estate brokers nationwide. Her commitment to excellence is evident in her ability to navigate regulatory landscapes, providing clients with comprehensive guidance while ensuring compliance with all applicable licensing requirements.

As a key member of the Geraci team, Jennifer Young stands as a trusted legal professional, bringing innovation and strategic insight to the structuring of partnerships. Her dedication to creating pioneering solutions underscores her commitment to advancing the interests of the firm's clients. Whether navigating complex securities regulations or advising on intricate licensing matters, Jennifer's multifaceted expertise makes her an invaluable asset to both Geraci and its diverse clientele.

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