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Private Lenders utilize advertising for their services every day, whether through websites, emails, texts, business cards, social media, or telephone solicitations. Successful advertising makes people remember your company and helps you reach new customers.

However, effective advertising means more than building your business and profits. It also means complying with federal and state requirements to protect your company’s reputation and avoid costly fines and audits. Your marketing materials make a first impression not only on new customers but also on your regulators and licensing authorities. 

There are hundreds of federal and state advertising requirements that could potentially apply to your marketing materials. Seem daunting? Not to worry. We’ve got you covered. Geraci has seasoned professionals who can assist you in reviewing your websites and marketing materials to ensure that you remain compliant regardless of your target market or where you are located.

We also have comprehensive advertising research materials available to help you navigate the confusing patchwork quilt of advertising rules including:

50 State Survey of Mortgage Advertising Laws

  • When and how to disclose your company’s licensing and regulatory information
  • How to disclose interest rates and other loan terms
  • How to compare your loan products and services with those of other lenders
  • Advertising terms that trigger additional disclosures
  • How to identify and avoid specific prohibited words and phrases
  • Record retention requirements

Federal Mortgage Advertising Laws

  • Fair Housing Act
  • Federal Trade Commission Internet Advertising Guidance
  • Federal CAN SPAM Act Requirements for Email Solicitations
  • Web Accessibility and the Americans With Disabilities Act

Federal Securities Law Disclosure Requirements for Mortgage-Related Investment Solicitations

  • Website Disclosures
  • Marketing and solicitation materials

How Can Geraci Help?

Geraci Law Firm would be happy to review your website and advertising materials. You can also purchase our State and Federal Advertising Compliance Materials. Contact us below if you’d like a copy.

We can assist you with any of your other compliance requirements in all 50 states, whether it be licensing, registration, usury, fees, foreclosure, table funding, referral fees, or DBAs. Let us give you peace of mind.

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