[Press Release] Liquid Logics and Geraci LLP’s Lightning Docs® Announce Integration

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Liquid Logics clients now have access to attorney-approved business purpose loan documents through the use of Geraci LLP’s Lightning Docs Platform.

Lee’s Summit, MO, 02/03/2022 – Liquid Logics, a NextGen FinTech company offering a fully cloud-based SaaS Loan Management System to facilitate growth and minimize workload for private lending businesses, announced a new integration with Lightning Docs®, a proprietary cloud-based loan document generation system developed in-house by the attorneys and partners at Geraci LLP. This product connection between top private lending industry vendors will enhance the Liquid Logics user experience.

“For over 5 years, we have partnered with Geraci to embed their doc packages into our flagship SaaS lender solution platform,” said Sam Kaddah, CEO of Liquid Logics. “Our newest integration with Lightning Docs brings yet another interactive component of continually updated doc sets. Now, our Liquid Logics clients can harness the power of current doc sets with the easiest, most comprehensive SaaS solution from cradle to investor returns.”

Nema Daghbandan, Esq., Partner, Geraci LLP, stated: “Liquid Logics is a pioneer of bringing an end-to-end technology solution specifically to the private lender marketplace. Their platform provides a single solution from sales pipeline management, through underwriting all the way to closing and post-closing. With this integration with Lightning Docs, Liquid Logics provides their users with the ability to harness the power of Geraci LLP’s nationwide gold standard business purpose loan documents.”

Over the past 18 years, Liquid Logics has established itself as a leading vendor for the private lending industry. Their integration with Lightning Docs will further secure this foothold by improving their overall client experience.


About Liquid Logics
Liquid Logics is a NextGen FinTech company offering the only true fully cloud-based SaaS Loan Management System: a CRM/lead pipeline, LOS full workflow, processing, automated credit & underwriting, servicing, reporting, closing DOCS, and 3 types of fund pool management structures. Although they have over $8 billion in loan origination and servicing software, it only describes something they do – it does not define who they are. At Liquid Logics’ core, they are a business solutions company dedicated to facilitating growth, minimizing workload, and making lenders’ businesses the best they can be. For more information, please contact the Liquid Logics sales team at sales@liquidlogics.com or call 1-816-652-0301. For media and other inquiries, contact Liquid Logics’ CEO Sam Kaddah at sam@liquidlogics.com or 816-600-0254.

About Lightning Docs
Lightning Docs is a proprietary cloud-based loan document generation system developed in-house by the attorneys and partners at Geraci LLP. Lightning Docs permits its clients to generate business purpose loan documents nationwide at the click of a button. The system will generate any business purpose loan documents including bridge, fix and flip, ground up construction, DSCR rental, portfolio rental, etc. The documents have been used for numerous rated and unrated securitizations and are considered the industry standard for the private lending industry. For more information about Lightning Docs please visit https://lightningdocs.com/ or contact Nema Daghbandan at nema@geracillp.com or 949-379-2600.

Press Contact
Sam Kaddah
CEO, Liquid Logics

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