Common Title Policy Endorsements Every Lender Needs to Know

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Webinar Summary

Title insurance protects mortgage lenders when defects in a title to a property result in financial loss to the lender. The 2006 ALTA Loan Policy is considered the standard title insurance policy available for mortgage lenders. The title policy alone is rarely adequate for most real estate transactions and almost always needs to be expanded through specific title insurance endorsements based on the specific risks related to the property in the loan transaction.

In this webinar, we will review some of the more common title policy endorsements to the 2006 ALTA Loan Policy that we generally recommend our mortgage lender clients obtain when representing them in mortgage loan transactions.

You will learn:

  •  What a 2006 ALTA Loan Policy covers
  •  Common endorsements to the 2006 ALTA Loan Policy and when they apply

We apologize for the technical difficulties during this webinar. The captions may not accurately reflect every spoken word. Please reach out if you have any questions.

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Options After Default: California Foreclosure, Default Interest, Loss Mitigation, and Recourse

Lenders should always be prepared to manage loans that don’t pan out the way they are supposed to, and lenders must be tactical when understanding what to do when a borrower defaults. Geraci’s team of experts is always available to provide guidance and strategy on how to manage loan defaults with discipline and proactivity. Our attorneys are expert strategists in loss mitigation and default management and will provide attendees with the best methods to navigate non-performing loans. Our team will also help prepare you to manage your California loan defaults in light of the recent Honchariw v. FJM decision as it relates to default interest.

You will learn:
The available pre-foreclosure and pre-litigation options for lenders when a borrower defaults.
The foreclosure restrictions or hurdles are currently in place in California, and how these affect foreclosure timelines and strategy.
Extraordinary Relief Options, including unlawful detainer, judicial foreclosure, receivership, breach of guaranty suits, and collection remedies.Options related to the accrual of default interest post-Honchariw v. FJM.

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Update to the Trend: REITs in 2022

This webinar discussed REITs and other tax preferential strategies for real estate and mortgage funds. We’ll discuss the core benefits of REITs, the specific ongoing compliance needs, and the ongoing obligations to manage day-to-day issues including loan sales, foreclosures, and property sales. We’ll also discuss the outlook for the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act as 2025 approaches.

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Lender Lounge with Kevin Kim Special Episode: Mid-Year Outlook

Lender Lounge with Kevin Kim hosted a special livestream featuring industry legends Daren Blomquist, VP of Market Economics at and Rick Sharga, Executive Vice President at ATTOM.

Watch the recording of May 18th LIVE episode below and hear these industry leaders’ thoughts on housing demand, build to rent, interest rates, inflation, and everyone’s favorite doomsday question: is a recession coming?

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Revisiting SB-1079 in 2022: Highlights, Lowlights, and How We Litigate Going Forward

SB-1079, through its changes to the non-judicial foreclosure process, brought significant opportunity (and new risks) to potential homeowners and entities alike. The bill, signed into law in California at the start of 2021, opened the door for various Litigation concerns to crop up for lenders and litigators alike in 2022 and beyond.