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Kevin S. Kim, Esq.


Bar Admissions



J.D. Loyola Law School, Los Angeles
B.A. University of California, Berkeley


Kevin Kim Geraci Law Firm

Kevin S. Kim, Esq.


Kevin S. Kim, Esq.


Areas of Practice

Mortgage Licensing
Securities Law
Private Placements & Crowdfunding
Fund Formation for Mortgage and Real Estate
Syndications for Mortgage and Real Estate
Corporate Law
Private Lending Industry Expert
Institutional Capital Markets


Kevin Kim leads Geraci LLP’s corporate & securities practice. His expertise lies in fund formation, private placements, and other securities offerings for private lenders, real estate developers and investors of all sizes. Kevin and his team have advised and prepared hundreds of securities offerings including mortgage funds, structured debt offerings, real estate syndications, crowdfunding offerings, EB-5 projects, and Qualified Opportunity Funds. Kevin passion lies in serving his clients as a pragmatic advisor focusing on real world solutions.

Kevin is also a nationally recognized expert in mortgage fund formation. Kevin is the lead instructor for the American Association of Private Lender’s Certified Fund Manager courses, where he teaches mortgage fund managers throughout the United States on fund management and securities laws.

Kevin hosts the podcast Lender Lounge with Kevin Kim, where he interviews industry leaders, friends, and colleagues in the private lending space to learn what makes them tick.


  • 2019 Southern California Rising Star
  • Top 25 Corporate Attorney by EB-5 Investors Magazine

Associations & Memberships

  • American Association of Private Lenders, General Counsel
  • Arizona Private Lenders Association, Board of Directors
  • California Mortgage Association
  • Forbes Business Council


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